We’re not adverse to the odd tipple or two here at The Coolector but we’re easily bored as well so anything to make our imbibing all the more interesting will certainly be welcomed with open arms. And that is where this rather awesome BlinkDrink App comes into play. This clever little app comes to us with the slogan of “The Best New Bar Trick” and, whilst it may not beat some impressive slight of hand magic tricks, we’re certainly impressed with the light show offered by BlinkDrink.

I think we’ve all been in that situation where we’re sat in the pub awaiting the arrival of our friends and mindlessly tap away on our phones but this app will take things to the next level and, in actuality, problem draw attention to the fact you’re sitting alone in the pub so maybe that’s not the best place for it afterall. The app, which is the work of designer, Brad Simpson, is described as a conversation starter and, I think we can all agree, it will certainly do that. The light effects will change and alter depending on the ambient lighting and music of the bar that you’re in and it definitely creates an eye-catching visual show. Check out some photos of the app in action below:


Want to trip the light fantastic? Then get your hands on BlinkDrink over at iTunes.

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