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Tait aeroplanes

Design is a wonderful thing. I remember growing up and falling hard for model aeroplanes that were made of polystyrene but, truth be told, were somewhat lacking in the visual appeal department. Well, this is an issue that has well and truly been addressed with these stunning  Tait Design Co Turbo Flyer Model Aeroplanes and, safe to say, we here at The Coolector lament the fact that they have only come to our attention in adulthood when it is, perhaps, (slightly) less acceptable to play with model planes.

But when they look as superb as these, I think we can all agree that exceptions can be made. These Tait Design Co Turbo Flyers are the immensely skilled handiwork of Michigan based artist and multi-discipline designer, Matthew Tait. The raison d’etre for these spiffing planes, direct from Tait’s mouth, is the fact he “wants to make awesome stuff and share it with my friends”. Well, sir, these planes are awesome indeed, so kudos on that front.

His excellent contraptions are billed as fun and easy to build model balsa kits and, I can only say, we’ve  not seen better examples of model planes than these smashing winged wonders from Tait Design Co. Each individual plane is hand-made and printed by Tait himself and it is this sort of personal touch that makes The Coolector favour these planes still further. Somewhat impressively, the designer claims to have witnessed one of his cracking creations soar for in excess of 50 feet. Check out these brilliant planes below:


Get your hands on a Tait Design Co Turbo Flyer over at TaitDesignCo.com. (Though you may need to wait a little while because they are all sold out currently – testament to their popularity)!

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