Blue Aura Blackline V40 Amplifier

With a tagline of “changing the way we listen to music”, you know the guys at Blue Aura have got lofty ambitions for their audio devices but, we’re pleased to report, it is something that they back up with the quality that they offer – a fact which is admirably illustrated by one of their flagship products, the exemplary Blue Aura Blackline V40 Amplifier. Aesthetically resplendent and capable of drastically enhancing your listening pleasure, this is a must for any audiophile in 2018.

The Blue Aura Blackline V40 Amplifier retails at £449 and when you consider its fantastic features and audio capabilities, this is going to seem like an absolute steal to those in the know about their audio apparatus. This first class piece of kit from Blue Aura does an impeccable job of combining the very latest in connectivity and superior valves to deliver the sort of warm sound associated with tube amplifiers and a high quality built in DAC. Long story short, your music will never have sounded this good before.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Needless to say, most music lovers today will access their favourite tunes via streaming apps so it’s crucial for their audio devices to have Bluetooth connectivity and that’s something that you’ll find with the Blue Aura Blackline V40 Amplifier which means all your Bluetooth enabled devices can connect effortlessly with the device. Not just this though, the Blackline V40 has the aptX Bluetooth codec which has been credited with revolutionising the Bluetooth listening experience by reducing the bit rate without affecting the audio quality, and thereby creating CD quality sound.

The Blue Aura Blackline V40 Amplifier has an aesthetic superiority that you don’t see in many audio devices today and it will dovetail perfectly with any contemporary interior design aesthetic. It is available in a black or walnut finish for the sort of sleek, elegant design that is going to appeal to audiophiles the world over. With a design and build quality that is, quite frankly, amongst the best we’ve seen here at Coolector HQ, you’ll be blown away by both the look and performance of this extraordinary device.

Carefully crafted to to deliver the best conceivable sonic performance for your listening pleasure, the Blue Aura Blackline V40 Amplifier is taking the audio scene by storm. The transformers are high efficiency toroidal type, and ensure that the device has better heat dissipation and low leakage current so that the music has very low distortion levels and always sounds its best. If you’re sick of your music not sounding as good as it could, this is the device for you.

Phenomenal Features Throughout

With a price tag of £449, the Blue Aura Blackline V40 Amplifier represents excellent value for money because of its many great specifications and features that help to set it apart from the competition. It makes use of two audio processing valves alongside a volume indicator valve to deliver the stunning audio performance and, as mentioned, you can connect all your source devices using the supplied cables or by Bluetooth. In addition to this, the Blackline V40 also benefits from a sub out capacity that allows subwoofers to be connected to really enrich the audio experience.

Devices like the Blue Aura Blackline V40 Amplifier don’t come along every day and it’s rare to find something that perfectly marries aesthetic awesomeness with a compelling sound performance but the V40 hits the nail on the head on both fronts and we’re not surprised to see that it has received glowing reviews from audio experts. If you want to really ramp up your listening pleasure in 2018, getting your hands on one of these superb amplifiers is the perfect place to start. (£449)

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