ToysAnarchy Superhero Skull

We recently featured the hyper realistic skulls from Jack of The Dust here on the pages of The Coolector and we love quirky design pieces of this nature so we were delighted to stumble across a super cool Kickstarter campaign in the shape of this Superhero Skull from ToysAnarchy that will be the ideal workspace focal point for anyone with a love of Marvel, DC et al and, better still, you can bag one for under £100 during the Kickstarter.

These ToysAnarchy Superhero Skulls are the brainchild of Italian designer, Raffaele Iamundo, who has taken his love for all things comic universe related and transplanted it into these highly striking and visually engaging collectibles. In the midst of a Kickstarter campaign as we speak, these eye-catching skull figures are just the sort of madcap thing we love at Coolector HQ and we’d definitely love to see one of these Captain America style skulls residing in our own workspace.

Built By Collectors, For Collectors

It is clear to see that a lot of love and attention has gone into the creation of these ToysAnarchy Superhero Skulls and that they are built by collectors, for collectors. Attention grabbing in the extreme, this great little collectible is going to turn heads wherever you choose to place it – whether that be as pride of place on your workspace, on a bar or mantlepiece. We’re loving the look of the skull centric design here at Coolector HQ and there is clearly scope to add other superheroes into the mix such as Iron Man, Batman and Spiderman.

The ToysAnarchy Superhero Skull are a limited edition offering on Kickstarter with only 1000 of them being made so if you like what you see with this excellent offering, you’ll need to move quick to bag one for yourself. It all started out as a sketched idea in a notebook and soon became a tangible reality and we’re mighty glad they did because these are the sort of cool collectibles that we like to surround ourselves with at Coolector HQ.

Measuring 7 x 5 x 6 inches and crafted from eco-friendly vinyl, these Superhero Skulls from ToysAnarchy will make for an imposing presence amongst your other collectibles and will be the one that immediately draws the eye. The early bird adopters on this Kickstarter campaign will receive a numbered skull, white base stand and their name printed on the packaging to give it the personal touch and making the collectible truly unique to you.

Superhero Style

Whilst there is only the Captain America style skull to choose from currently, we’re pretty sure that if this Kickstarter campaign from ToysAnarchy is a success, they will be plenty more of your favourite characters to choose from. Well made and boasting an excellent aesthetic, these collectibles are sure to find an eager army of backers amongst those who love to fill their homes with all things superhero related.

Limited edition products always have that little extra appeal and with only 1000 of these skulls to be made, you’ll have that knowledge that you’re amongst a very elite group should you get your hands on one of these Superhero Skulls from ToysAnarchy. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want to get behind the campaign, head on over to Kickstarter now. Your superhero awaits.

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