Mazama Beer Sets

Let’s face it, beer is the nectar of the Gods so it is certainly deserving of a vessel befitting of its awesomeness. In this regard, let us here at Coolector HQ point you in the direction of the latest apple of our beer drinking eye in the fantastic form of these Mazama Beer Sets which will ramp up your enjoyment of the myriad of delicious craft ales available this summer.

Mazama are a group of designers who aim to produce eye-catching, tangible wares that are of genuine use and that’s definitely what we’ve been presented with in these eye-catching, yet undeniably minimalist, Beer Sets which consist of four vessels and four leather coasters.

If you’re a regular quaffer of beers and, frankly, who isn’t then you’ll definitely appreciate the aesthetic of these Mazama Beer Sets as we do at The Coolector and there is plenty to be said for drinking your ales from a classy vessel because it will invariably improve the taste – whether this be subconscious or otherwise.


As we enjoy beer on more occasions than we probably should here at Coolector HQ, we’re forever on the lookout for new vessels to imbibe from and these awesome offerings from Mazama have just forced their way to the top of our list.

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