The Forge Drakkar Skateboard

We’ve seen a fair few skateboards in our time here at Coolector HQ but it’s not everyday that you come across one quite as extraordinary as this Drakkar Skateboard from The Forge. For those of you with a love of skateboarding and a desire to stand out from the crowd with your choice of ride, this is definitely the one for you.

The Forge is a Brooklyn based art studio that is owned and operated by Brice Rogers and is an off-shot of Outlaw’s Landing, the creative agency of Rogers, and this phenomenal looking Drakkar Skateboard is a passion project of his that boasts some amazing features and a level of craftsmanship that is simply beyond compare.

Norse Roots

The design inspiration for the incredible looking Drakkar Skateboard from The Forge are the iconic Viking longships and the bows that they used and this is evident in the aesthetic of this thoroughly eye-catching skateboard. There is a real hand made quality to this mighty impressive construct and the Drakkar Skateboard is a contemporary industrial imagining of the traditional longboard which delivers a visual impact like no other.

It is superbly well crafted from a combination of black walnut and hand-sculpted brass that immediately draws the eye and this limited edition offering (of just 100 unique pieces) is sure to fly off the shelves so if you’ve always wanted a board of a Viking disposition, you’ll need to move quickly to get your hands on one. Somewhat brilliantly, each Drakkar Skateboard from The Forge has been made in collaboration with Crucible New York to create the boards and, in doing so, The Forge is supporting a small company of traditional metal craftsmen in Kumasi, Ghana.

We’re loving the fact that this Drakkar Skateboard not only looks amazing but also goes a long way to helping traditional craftsman in Africa here at Coolector HQ. It truly is one of the most amazing skateboards we’ve encountered in years of scouring the internet in search of such awesomeness and with just 100 unique pieces being made available to purchase, we’re pretty sure they will be snapped up by Viking loving, design aficionado boarders the world over.

Ride in Style

The materials used in this Drakkar Skateboard, namely black walnut and hand sculpted brass, are enough to make you realise that it’s something special and not your average skateboard at all. We’re big fans of the visual impact and the Viking inspired design here at The Coolector and we’re sure this is something that is going to resonate with plenty of skateboard fans out there as well.

Whilst it’s a POA type deal, which suggests it’s likely to be at the pricier end of the spectrum, you can’t put a price on quality like this and if you’ve got deep pockets and a love of skateboarding, you know what you need to do. A fantastically well crafted steed that helps craftsman in Ghana and looks amazing, there really is nothing not to like with this mesmerising construct.

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