Borderline Playing Cards

Playing cards serve as an excellent platform for showcasing artistic creativity and we spend more time than we probably should scouring around for new awesomeness to cast our eyes upon and we were a little taken aback with the out and out awesomeness of these Borderline Playing Cards when we stumbled upon.

These Borderline Playing Cards are the work of Traina Design who operate out of San Diego and their superb creation is currently being funded over on Kickstarter so if you like what you see (and it’s impossible not to) then you know what you need to do. The deck of cards is a celebration of the vibrant culture on both sides of the Southern border and we here at Coolector HQ love what they’ve done in making a truly unique looking set of playing cards.

Chock full of the sort of colourful characters that you will encounter around the America / Mexico border, these Borderline Playing Cards are far from conventional but the visual appeal they boast is unparalleled. The playing cards are delivered in a custom-designed, copper-foiled box that captures the frontera spirit and will make for a mightily entertaining game of poker. Feast your eyes on a few more shots of the set below:






For any playing card aficionado, we’re willing to wage that you won’t have encountered many sets more visually arresting than this Borderline Playing Card version. We love the work of this San Diego based design studio and hope they smash their Kickstarter target over the coming month.

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