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We’re not handy at Coolector HQ. This is a fact. We need all the help we can get when it comes to DIY and this is why we endeavour to surround ourselves with cool little gadgets and accessories that will come in handy throughout our day to day goings on and we’ve come across a bit of a belter in the form of this awesome looking MelonTool from European motorcycle apparel and accessories brand, Crave.

The MelonTool is exactly the sort of accessory that manly men (and us) will want hanging from our key chains and whilst we’re not likely get much use from any of its implements bar the bottle opener given how terrible we are at DIY, we can at least give of the impression that we’re handy if we’ve got one of these cracking accessories hanging from our pocket. The Crave MelonTool is an amalgamation of usefulness that will make many men’s lives easier as it boasts various implements that will come in handy such as a micro-wrench, screwdriver and bottle opener. Check out a few more shots of this cracking little accessory below:





Crafted from stainless steel with a high hardness chrome colour bronze coating, you don’t need to worry about the resilience of this awesome little multi-tool and it will fit neatly in your pocket to be sprung forth when and where you need it. The Crave MelonTool is the sort of simple but highly useful and versatile accessory that we can get behind here at Coolector HQ and there will be many a man out there who will likely buy this for more than it’s beer liberating capabilities.

Price: €25.45

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