Boundary Modular Backpack

It’s fair to say that no two adventures are likely to be the same so finding a carry that is versatile and fits in with exactly how you want to use can be a bit of a difficult ask but this superb looking Boundary Modular Backpack, funding over on Kickstarter now, might just be the answer to all your wilderness wandering and day to day commute requirements.

The Boundary Modular Backpack aims to keep you entirely organised for both your daily travels and your weekend adventures and it boasts an understated, cool aesthetic that makes it perfectly adaptable to any situation. Well crafted and extremely versatile, the Boundary Modular Backpack has already flown past its funding target over on Kickstarter and this is testament to the considerable quality and first rate features it offers.

If You Build It…

The ability to configure your own backpack and include the features that you’ll need for any given adventure is something that really makes the Boundary Modular Backpack stand out from the crowd and each component provides a simple solution to any everyday carry need you might have.

Consisting of three main components – the Prima Pack, Verge Case and Fieldspace – this top notch Modular Backpack from Boundary delivers unparalleled organisation and is carefully designed to adapt to any unplanned stowage. Innovative magnetic trims, YKK Stormguard® zippers and high performance fabrics are the real stand out features of this cracking carry and these let you store and access your gear straightforwardly whilst ensuring the bag’s durability and protecting your belongings.

With the Prima Pack boasting the ability to expand from 25 litres to 30 litres when required, it’s a great backpack to use when heading out on adventures in the great outdoors where you may potentially end up coming back with more than you left with. Additionally, the add-on Verge Case also provides an extra 10 litres of storage so you’ll be sure to have all your carry needs met by this exceptionally well crafted Boundary Modular Backpack.

Organisation at its Finest

As it’s a modular backpack, it’s important for this carry from Boundary to be simple to organise and ensure that your gear is always within arm’s length. It achieves this through clever design that makes use of the different modular components and maximises the space on offer throughout the different compartments of the backpack.

If you’re in the market for a supremely functional, stylish and versatile backpack with more storage solutions than you can shake a stick at, you’ll get exactly that with the Boundary Modular Backpack. With plenty of time still to pick one up for a bargain price over on Kickstarter, you know what you need to do if you’ve got adventures afoot over the next couple of months.

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