Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi System

We love eye catching design here at Coolector HQ and those designers who dare to make their mark aesthetically always resonate with us and that’s why Love Hulten, a fantastically talented industrial designer, is perennially on our radar and whenever he’s got new products on the market, we’re always left mighty impressed. The designer’s latest offering, the Astovox Modular Hi-Fi System, could be amongst his most impressive to date and the visuals and performance are entirely unparalleled.

The Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi System aims to commingle both form and function and, as you can see from the images, it does a bang up of job of this and for those of you seeking out an eye-catching audio system for your home, this definitely ticks all of the right boxes. Superbly designed and impeccably crafted, this first rate device provides not just a stand out performance in the audio department but looks incredible whilst doing it which is a real win, win in our books here at Coolector HQ.

Cracking Design, Great Sound

Whilst it goes without saying that sound performance is of paramount importance when it comes to choosing a Hi-Fi, if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll want to make sure that it stands out aesthetically as well and that’s something that definitely applies to the extraordinarily attractive Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi System. If you value exceptional craftsmanship, Love Hulten is a name you’re probably already aware of but the quality of this Modular Hi-Fi really is a cut above and will add a whole new level of visual (not to mention audio) appeal to wherever you choose to deploy it.

Limited to just 100 pieces worldwide, the Love Hulten Astovox Hi Fi System boasts a series of cubic casings which are handcrafted from African Mahogany and the front panels are strike a stylish chord with their classic brushed aluminium finish. This innovative modular design from Love Hulten has a design which allows the stunning device to blend into any space effortlessly.

The Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi has two top of the range Pioneer TS-D1702R 6.75″ drivers with built-in 2-way crossover which provide an audio quality that is beyond compare and compliments the exceptional aesthetics of the device. Courtesy if its stunning Aramid/Basalt composite construction, these drivers are capable of maintaining amazing clarity over a wide audio range so all your favourite tracks sound their best.

Customised Cool

With customisation at the core of this ace looking Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi, you can really configure it to how you want it to look and to fit in with your own interior design endeavours. Available in a number of different woods and finishes, this stylish bit of kit really showcases the design talents of Love Hulten and will provide an unparalleled audio solution for all your listening pleasures.

Seriously limited in numbers and sure to fly off the shelves given how popular and successful Love Hulten’s previous products have been this first class Modular Hi-Fi System is definitely right up our street here at Coolector HQ and for anyone wanted a new, sumptuously designed and crafted audio solution, you’ll not find many better than this, that’s for sure.

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