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Experiencing the great outdoors on a regular basis is a must in our opinion here at Coolector HQ as there truly are so many amazing sights and sounds to be taken in out in the wild but, as always, the enjoyment of all that Mother Nature has to offer is increased exponentially if you’ve got the right gear in tow. As such, it’s important to find purveyors of outdoors awesomeness and you’ll find few better brands in this regard than the guys over at Bramble Outdoor.

Bramble Outdoor are a brand that take the great outdoors seriously and unlike most other brands out there, actually do their part to help preserve the amazing scenery and landscapes we all love to hike and wander through. For each purchase from Bramble Outdoor, 5% goes towards conserving these areas, in an undertaking they’ve called Products Rooted In Place. As if this weren’t enough, all the wares from Bramble Outdoor are impeccably well crafted and perfectly suited to the adventurous lifestyle so you’ll be in safe hands on your excursions with any of their products.

Born from a Passion for Adventure

Every product from Bramble Outdoor is, as you would expect, crafted with purpose and the quality really sets it apart from the competition. They have a small but perfectly formed selection of outdoor wares to choose from and you can check out a few of our favourite pieces from this fantastic adventure loving brand below:

Bramble Outdoor Camp Towel

When you’re heading out to those really remote spots with amazing water features, waterfalls and lakes, you’re going to need a towel in tow that won’t let you down. The Bramble Outdoor Camp Towel is the perfect candidate for the job and is billed as a towel that will “dry you off but not weigh you down”. These amazing looking accessories are also available from outdoor lifestyle specialists REI who now stock them in 42 REI locations and they feature in REI’s Outdoor Collective fixture.

From an aesthetic point of view, these first class towels take their design inspiration from Canyon Country of the American West, and each time one of these is purchased, a portion of the sale goes to activists and conservation groups who are hard at work protecting these areas. These towels are ultra-lightweight, robust, packable and made from a micro-fibre which means they are quick-drying. This delivers a highly functional and versatile towel that doesn’t weigh you down and you won’t even notice until the time comes to dry off after any water based adventure.

Price: $35

Available: REI

Bramble Outdoor 18L Daypacks

No hike, camping trip or wander into the wild is complete without making sure you’ve got the perfect backpack for the job and you might just have found it in the form of these excellent looking and plentiful storage offering 18L Daypacks from Bramble Outdoor. These eye-catching carries are inspired by the Pacific Northwest, and a portion of every purchase goes towards safeguarding the region for future generations.

Incredibly robust and functional, these Bramble Outdoor 18L Daypacks are a streamlined piece of design that blends outdoor performance with contemporary design and style. The Bramble Daypack is ideally suited for all your outdoor adventures which includes the likes of climbing, shredding single track, hitting the trails and, when you’re done with the great outdoors, it’s just as good for your day to day requirements such as heading to the gym or commuting to work.

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Crafted from Dimension Polyant XPAC Sailcloth for an impressive level of resilience and robustness, these cracking DayPacks from Bramble Outdoor take to the great outdoors like a duck to water and withstand all that the elements can throw at them and provide an abundance of storage space for all the essentials you need to carry when enjoying any hike or camping trip.

Price: $120

Available: Bramble Outdoor

A Brand with Purpose

The brainchild of Trevor Cobb and Ken Voeller, Bramble Outdoor are a brand that was born not only from a love of the great outdoors but also because the duo believe there was a gap in the market for exactly the sort of products that they provide. Voeller and Cobb could never find an outdoor brand that spoke directly to the community of wilderness lovers and environmental activists. They desired to do something about protecting their favourite wilderness retreats, not just play in them – so, set about putting the wheels in motion on Bramble Outdoor.

You don’t come across brands like Bramble Outdoor everyday and their products are not only expertly crafted from the finest materials, they also help maintain the amazing locations around the world that we all love to go hiking and just explore. Though the collection from this superb outdoor lifestyle brand is currently small, plans are afoot to increase their products and we, for one, can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

With products made in the right way with a genuinely admirable objective of helping preserve the great outdoors, Bramble Outdoor are a brand that deserve the recognition of wilderness lovers everywhere. The calibre of their products is second to none and with specific locations across the States benefiting from each sale, it’s hard not to be impressed with what this top notch brand are aiming to accomplish.

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