1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana

Lamentably, deep pockets aren’t something we have here at Coolector HQ and don’t have between $5-7 million lying around but, if we did, you can rest assured that we’d be spending it on this incredible feat of automotive engineering – the 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana – which is being put up for auction at classic car specialists, RM Sotherby’s.

The breathtaking 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana was specially designed by Franco Reggiani for Count Giannino Marzotto so it’s got a pretty impressive backstory. Adding to its eye-catching credentials, this mesmerising machine also boasts one of a kind coachwork from Fontana and the lot is accompanied by an in-depth report from well known Ferrari historian, Marcel Massini. If you want to own a piece of Ferrari history, time to start saving.

A Race To Remember

Racing is in the blood of Italians and that’s certainly true of this exceptionally well made machine and in the 1940s and early 1950s, four Marzotto brothers earned themselves an enviable reputation in Italian racing circles. Vittorio, Giannino, Paolo, and Umberto were exceptionally skilled racers in their own right and in Ferrari’s earliest days, the Marzotto brothers were almost certainly the Scuderia’s most valued and influential customers. Essentially keeping the carmaker on its feet by purchasing many Ferraris between themselves they also ramped up Ferrari’s reputation courtesy of their own amazing performances on the racetrack – and this stunning steed is what they were achieving their incredible results in.

The 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana commissioned famous sculptor, Franco Reggiani, to create a more streamlined body for the car and it was crafted with maximum efficiency and the ultimate in performance at the forefront of their thinking. The end result of this endeavour was the extraordinary “Uovo” (which translates to “egg” in Italian) and it was a piece of automotive design quite unlike anything on the market before or since. And it can be yours for between $5-7 million.

In order to achieve this spectacular look and feel with the 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana, it took the silhouette of a jet, minus the wings. The bare Ferrari frame was superimposed over a tubular structure which was then reversed and bonded with Peraluman plates, which delivered a lightweight but incredibly robust exterior shell. Some 150 kilos lighter than other Ferraris of the time, this amazing contraption was fitted with twin shock absorbers and a regulator for its Formula 2 brakes to deliver its unparalleled racing performance.

One Careful Owner

Somewhat impressively, this 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana has had the same owner for the last 30 years who has kept the machine in immaculate condition (hence its hefty guide price at auction). It’s certainly not every day that classic cars like this find their way onto the market and though it boasts an astronomical price, we’re in little doubt a lucky individual will be adding it to their classic car collection when the auction goes live.

A real iconic piece of racing history and one of the most unusual cars to have emerged from the Ferrari stable, this 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana is a sight to behold and will most likely prompt a bidding war amongst deep-pocketed classic car enthusiasts in a few weeks time.

Guide Price: $5-7 Million

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