Best Made Co Brass Higo Pocket Knife

When it comes to outdoor supplies, you’re going to want to opt for a brand that you can rely on and, as most will attest to, Best Made Co are, as their alludes to, amongst the best in the business and that’s why those outdoor types on the hunt for a new piece of EDC need look no further than their excellent looking Brass Higo Pocket Knife.

The Best Made Co Brass Higo Pocket Knife positively exude quality and the fact that each blade has been carefully handcrafted in Japan showcases the attention to detail and sheer excellence of this excellent piece of everyday carry. Perfect as a pocket knife on adventures into the wild, you’ll find it hard not to be won over by this small but perfectly formed accessory.

A Natural Progression

Best Made Co have been producing all manner of excellent pocket knives for outdoors adventurers for years now and this latest Brass Higo offering carries on this rich tradition wonderfully well. It is distinct in form and instantly recognisable courtesy of the bold lines of its design and understated aesthetics and for those who have a genuine use for a pocket knife on a day to day basis, you’ll find few better candidates for the job than this.

With a decision to seek out a fifth-generation Japanese knife maker and make use of their unparalleled skills to forge the hallmark blade of this Brass Higo Pocket Knife from Best Made Co, it is clear that this is no run-of-the-mill offering and the quality really does set it apart from the competition in a number of different ways. The lineage of the Japanese company crafting the blades for these pocket knives can be traced all the way back to those who made traditional Japanese swords and the tangible quality that results is second to none.

The Edo-period design that makes this amazing piece of EDC really stand out is handmade for Best Made Co in the Yasugi district of Japan using modern steel and polished brass. The beauty of this is that these materials are primed to take on a visually stunning patina which will be unique to each user. Last but not least, each Brass Higo Pocket Knife is emblazoned with a stamp which indicates its superior quality and, it’s fair to say, is as robust as they come and is built to uphold the traditions of both Best Made Co and the master Japanese craftsmen responsible for the blades.

Impeccable Materials

Available in three different sizes – the mini, mid and max – the Brass Higo Pocket Knife from Best Made Co knows only the best will do when it comes to materials and boasts SK5 high-carbon steel on the mini and Aogami No. 2 blue steel on the mid and max versions of the knives.

If you’re an outdoorsman in need of a set of reliable pocket knives for all your day to day adventuring, these superb offerings from Best Made Co are certainly sitting at the top table so far as performance and aesthetics are concerned and you’ll be blown away by the sheer quality of the craftsmanship.

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