Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not extreme sports partakers by any stretch of the imagination here at Coolector HQ but we do know the importance of staying hydrated whilst engaging in rigorous exercise and we also know this is often easier said than done. That’s where awesome looking accessories like this Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack come into play and if you’re a regular runner or adrenaline action enthusiast, this Kickstarter campaign is one for you.

The Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack boasts an eye-catching, innovative harness system that sets it apart from the competition and delivers both impeccable comfort and performance when involved in physical activity. Billed as being perfect for outdoor adventures both big and small, the Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack has got some mighty impressive features that ensure its ideal for all your requirements.

Versatile Solutions

Understanding that not all people are going to need the same amount of hydration as it will be dependent on the sort of activity they are involved in and just how strenuous it is, the Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack comes in three different components which can be used individually or together. These are a 6L Pack (geared towards all day activities), the 3L Pack (aimed at hikes and runs) and the Belt (for short runs where only minimal hydration and nutrition is required).

As mentioned, it is the innovative harness system that really sets the Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack apart from the crowd as it delivers an unprecedented amount of support and comfort and, most importantly so far as sporting activities are concerned, doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. So, regardless of activity, whether it be running, mountain biking, hiking, or exploring new trails and hikes, this lightweight, slimline pack makes sure nothing gets in your way.

The principal element of the Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack, the harness, is crafted of thin, laminated straps which are entirely integrated with the body of the pack itself. This clever design feature and innovative system makes sure weight is evenly distributed and removes the need for a waist belt by naturally compressing the load you’re carrying.

Made To Last The Pace

With materials purpose picked for their resilience and robustness, such as a 70D robic nylon shell exterior, air mesh back panel and aluminium hook connection points, the Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack has got you covered no matter your adventure or activity and it’s easy to see why the carry is enjoying an impressive amount of success on Kickstarter.

If you’ve got plenty of adrenaline pursuits and wilderness adventures planned over the next 12 months and aim to take your hydration seriously, the brilliant conceived and crafted Cotopaxi Veloz Hydration Pack should be your accessory of choice and you’ve still got plenty of time to bag one for a great price over on Kickstarter now.

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