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Watches are, inherently, luxurious commodities and most men are happy to pay a premium for their timepieces but most don’t realise just how much of a premium they are often paying for their watch based upon the components used. This typically doesn’t apply to your top of the range luxury watches but for the mid-level variety, this is invariably the case. With this in mind, then, we were mightily impressed to come across a brand by the name of Brathwait Watches who cut out any middle-men and ensure that you are not over-charged for your timepieces. And, we’re also delighted to report, their timepieces look superb, particularly if you’re a fan of the minimalist aesthetic.

The overriding and interesting objective of Brathwait Watches is to use the same high quality materials used in those of their counterparts but maintaining honest pricing that doesn’t overcharge the consumer. Based on the principal that your average designer watch is marked up nine times before it reaches the consumer, Brathwait Watches decided to take a stand for their customers and produce equally as stylish and functional timepieces but forgo passing these costs on by being an online only retailer which considerably reduces their overheads.

You needn’t be concerned that because you’re paying less for your timepiece that the quality is diminished in any way and Brathwait are entirely transparent about the components that make up their fantastically stylish and decidedly dapper watches. Check out a few of them in action below:




The ethos of Brathwait Watches is that they boast a $500 watch that retails for $150 and that can only be a good thing for the consumer. We’re massive fans of timepieces at Coolector HQ and we’re delighted to discover a brand of watchmaker prepared to pass savings onto their customers.

For anyone after a stylish, understated and well-priced mid-range watch then a Brathwait will definitely tick all of the right boxes and we’re happy to champion the cause of a brand who offer such excellent wares for an affordable and fair price.

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