A Ranking of Rappers by Pop Chart Labs

Rappers are known for their imaginative use of the English language but which rapper out there uses their vocabulary most extensively you might wonder? Well, wonder no more because the good chaps over at Pop Chart Labs have taken the mystery out of it by producing this awesome looking A Ranking of Rappers Print that documents the world’s most popular rappers and how diverse their use of language is in their raps.

Pop Chart Labs are no stranger to the pages of The Coolector and this awesome looking A Ranking of Rappers Print is one of their latest offerings to have caught our eye. Shakespeare was well known for making up his own words to fit different situations and, as most will be aware, rappers are not adverse to this either but some are considerably more prolific than others at it as this top notch print admirably illustrates. All your favourite rappers such as Eminem, 50 Cent and Jay-Z all put in an appearance in this top class print and you can see some of their statistics in some close ups of the print below:




The data on which Pop Chart Lab’s print comes from is gleamed from lexicographer Matt Daniels’ gangster rap research and has been displayed in a highly engaging way in this print. If you’re a fan of lyrics and vocabulary (and rap, of course) then this fantastic looking print will make a great addition to your interior design endeavours at home.

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