Braza Bro Cleaver

Everyday carry is something that constantly preoccupies our thoughts here at Coolector HQ and we’re always on the hunt for new pieces to add to our line up such as this brilliant looking Braza Bro Cleaver which is funding over on Kickstarter now and certainly has more functionality than immediately meets the eye. If you’re the sort that wants to add to your handiness in day to day scenarios then this will certainly tick all of the right boxes.

The Braza Bro Cleaver is available for a mighty pleasing price of just $34 during the Kickstarter campaign and for sheer functionality and versatile performance, it’s tough to beat. This cracking little accessory will become a go to item for all your wilderness adventures and day to day activities alike and it’s incredibly robust and hard-wearing enough to tackle more or less any challenge you throw at it.

New & Improved

This new offering from Braza Bro has plenty of eye-catching improvements over previous iterations and has a different blade and a whole bunch of new materials, options and features to boot. Technically speaking, it is a Wharncliffe style blade, but it is reminiscent of a mini pocket cleaver in design and provides an impeccable performance as a result. Available in two different steels, stainless or titanium handle options and a straight edge which makes sure that it’s good for carving and slicing.

The Braza Bro Cleaver on Kickstarter has an ergonomic handle grip and provides an superb grip fitting in your first three fingers. The shape and contour of the handle will guarantee that your hand won’t slip whilst using this excellent piece of EDC. The blade spine is jimped to deliver a non-slip grip for your finger and when in use, the Braza Bro feels much bigger than it actually appears. Not only is it extremely comfortable to hold and use, it’s also a spectacular knife to behold.

Available in S35VN Stainless Steel or D2 Tool Steel, the robustness of the Braza Bro Cleaver really is second to none. The S35VN steel is most high tech, and toughest stainless steel alloy available on the market and is the go to material for most high end pieces of EDC on the market today. This new offering now features a reversible pocket clip which can be put on the left or right handle scale, whatever you like best. There’s even a small insert with torx screw that covers the hole on the unused side.

Ultra Strong Construction

With the frame lock forming an integral part of this the Braza Bro EDC knife, it is CNC machined from the frame. It’s secure and easy to release using only one hand and gives a pleasing, tangible sense of quality to proceedings. The flipper and ceramic ball bearings allow for lightning fast, one-handed opening. The frame lock makes it easy to close one-handed also. The flipper serves double duty and protects your finger when closing.

The $34 price tag makes this a mighty appealing piece of everyday carry for today’s contemporary man looking for additions to their line up. Wonderfully well made, tough as they come and supremely functional, there is a lot to like about this fantastic Braza Bro Cleaver. Two thumbs up fro us at Coolector HQ.

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