Breaking Bad Blueprints

It’s been a couple of weeks since we posted about Breaking Bad which is unheard of round these here parts so it’s high time we rectify that with these brilliant looking Breaking Bad Blueprints from the Oliver Gal Art Gallery. These spiffing blueprints are based on the real patent drawings of the items that appeared in the show so, for example, the blueprint for the bowler hat has the patent number of J Thomas’ design when he patented it in 1879.

We love Breaking Bad here at The Coolector and invariably endeavour to surround ourselves with stuff from the hit show but few things have caught our eye as much as this amazing blueprints which include many of the key elements from the show such as Walter & Jesse’s mobile meth lab, the gas masks and the nefarious cigarette Walter gives to Jesse to name but a few.

The Oliver Gal Art Gallery operate out of Florida and are a collective of artists that are headed by a pair of sisters, Lola Sanchez and Ana Gal, and we’re absolutely loving their fantastical array of Breaking Bad Blueprints here at Coolector HQ. You can check out these smashing prints in situ below to see why we’ll be hanging them all over our headquarters:



If you love Breaking Bad as much as us here at The Coolector you will likely have been left mightily impressed with these blueprints because we certainly have and they will help fill the void until Better Call Saul hits our screens.

Available: Oliver Gal Art Gallery

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