Breaking Bad LEGO Game

Breaking Bad sits proudly alongside the likes of The Sopranos, The Wire and Broadwalk Empire in our list of awesome shows so, as you may well be aware, we will gladly bring anything to light that has any sort of association with Walter White et al. Well, it’s fair to say, not every Breaking Bad affiliation we come across is quite as brilliant as this concept Breaking Bad LEGO Computer Game, which is the wonderful work of Brian Anderson.

Made with tongue firmly in cheek and just for fun, this excellent nod to Breaking Bad couples two of Anderson’s main passions – namely, the Bryan Cranston starring Breaking Bad and LEGO – and we here at The Coolector will likely join millions of others in wishing that this game was an actual reality and not a just for fun project on the behalf of Anderson because we’d likely waste more hours on this than we have on GTA:V.

The video above recreates some scenes from the hit show and Anderson has captured the style of the LEGO series of video games supremely well and he is certainly deserving of a tip of the cap from us here at Coolector HQ. Bring on the Boardwalk Empire version, Anderson!

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