Legless Corkscrew

Christmas is right around the corner now and we fully expect to be cracking open various different alcohol receptacles at Coolector HQ over the next week or two and, safe to say, a run of the bill corkscrew simply won’t cut the mustard. With that in mind, we’ll be getting our hands on one of these ship shape offerings that goes by the name of the Legless Corkscrew.

We love a good gimmick here at The Coolector and this Legless Corkscrew is surely that but who cares when its as patently awesome as this. Billed as the waiter’s best friend this Jack Sparrow-esque number will shiver the timbers of any unopened bottle of beer or wine this Christmas and make sure that no thirst goes unquenched.

Said to make you capable of pulling corks like a professional, the Legless Corkscrew boasts a foil cutter, easy open lever, beer bottle opener and, as you can plainly see, has a pirate design – including an eyepatch somewhat superbly. Check this sea-faring chap out for yourself below:




Available: The Coolector Store

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