Bremont Codebreaker Watch

Bremont Codebreaker Watch

Bremont are somewhat of a rarity in the luxury watchmaking world insomuch as they have the temerity to be less than a century old and weren’t founded in Switzerland. Which is pretty much unheard of with the likes of Breitling, TAG Heuer, IWC and Baume et Mercier all heralding from the small, neutral European country.

Founded as recently as 2002 by British brothers, Nick & Giles English, the Bremont brand has wasted no time in rising to the top of what is the highly competitive industry of luxury watches. A large part of their success in the field is built upon the unparalleled excellence of their limited edition timepieces and following on from the stunning Bremont Victory watch which was made from parts of Lord Admiral Nelson’s flagship vessel, HMS Victory, at the Battle of Trafalgar, we have the equally as impressive Bremont Codebreaker watch.

The Bremont Codebreaker watch has an impressive backstory which is likely to see it become one of the British watchmakers most sought after limited edition watches. This exemplary timepiece will be limited to just 290 pieces (240 in stainless steel and 50 in rose gold), so you’ll have to move quickly to get your hands on one of these spiffing timepieces. The main draw of this limited edition watch from Bremont is the fact that each piece will include artefacts from Bletchley Park (instrumental in England’s endeavours during WWII) within the watch design and mechanism. A few of the other striking features of this breath-taking watch include:

  • A crown of pinewood made from Hut 6, Bletchley Park
  • Automatic rotor inspired by the Bombe machine incorporating parts of an original German Enigma rotor
  • 100m water resistance
  • Classic leather strap
  • BE-83AR Flyback chronograph

Check out this awesome watch at Bremont.

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