Harry’s Shaving Gear

Now, I am by no means an accomplished shaver and still currently cultivate the same level of facial hair I did as a fourteen year old and, whilst this is of course a crushing blow to my masculinity, I can still make time for awesomely branded shaving paraphernalia and it is for this reason that this brilliant looking Harry’s Shaving Set has made its way firmly to the top of my must have list.

In much the same way that the sour faced Renee Zellwegger had Tom Cruise at “Hello” in Jerry Maguire, this shaving set had me as soon as I realised that they appear to have a dapper little mammoth as their mascot. Mammoths are, as we are all probably aware, the top dog of the animal kingdom (don’t let their extinction fool you, they’re just biding their time) and I will definitely be opting for a Harry’s Truman Shaving Kit when my bi-monthly shave is due.

Harry’s are a newcomer to the men’s grooming arena and they decided to enter it gladiatorial style due to their chagrin at over-priced and under-performing shaving goods on the market. They’ve tackled this issue head on with a diverse range of shaving kits ranging from The Truman to The Winston (a closer inspection permits me to realise that its just these two kits so far so don’t expect to find a shit-tonne of sets when you visit their site).


The good chaps at Harry’s have partnered with leading craftsman to create razors that not only look sartorially superb but also offer the sort of shave that you would expect from a much pricier blade. Made by German engineers from high grade steel, with modern, ergonomic handles, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more stylish shaving set for such an affordable price. And, if you’re a real man who shaves on a daily basis (unlike me), then Harry’s Shaving Sets should probably be your first port of call.

Check out their shaving sets at the Harry’s Website.

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