BricksPower Wireless Charger

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ you’ll likely encounter numerous times per week when your phone battery runs out at an inopportune moment and it’s for this reason that anything that is designed to help overcome this issue is OK in our book. Enter this excellent looking BricksPower Wireless Charger which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. If you’re seeking out a new means of keeping your smartphone juiced, read on.

The BricksPower Wireless Charger on Kickstarter is a TRUE wireless device which will closely grip your phone, power you up anywhere, any time, and, perhaps most importantly, without any worries of disruption. This clever little accessory acts as a walking power backup which will consistently deliver a charge at anytime, anywhere by simply sticking it to your phone. BricksPowers gathers the best features of all other wireless chargers, power banks and battery cases in supplants them into one tiny brick.

Extremely Versatile Performance

Impressive functionality really sets this BricksPower Wireless Charger apart from the competition as it will charge all wireless charging phones and most non-wireless charging phones. Its capacity to attach so effortlessly to your smartphone makes this a highly versatile solution to your charging needs and the BricksPower Wireless Charger is always closely pasted to your device. Whenever you pick up your phone to make a call or read message, you needn’t worry about the charger becoming disconnected.

The BricksPower Wireless Charger is cleverly designed as when you’re using a typical wireless power bank, your mobile phone can easily slip out of position and charging will disconnect. This first class charging accessory comes equipped with innovative Super Sticky Nano-suction which always stays attached to your device no matter what adventure you end up taking it on. When using the charger for an extended period of time you just need to wipe it with a clean, wet cloth to remove all dust and dirt particles on the surface, renewing its strong adhesive contact.

Each one is integrated with temperature control protection, smart monitoring of charge to prevent overheating or circuit malfunction, which all combine to help enhance the lifespan of your phone battery. Funding on Kickstarter right now for the bargain price of just $24 (40% off the retail price), this will be the ideal piece of EDC for making sure you can keep your smartphone juiced whilst on the go.

Plenty of Choices

Available in a number of different colours and styles, the BricksPower Wireless Charger will rapidly become your smartphone’s new best friend and one of your essential pieces of everyday carry. This superbly simple but innovative product has already flown past its funding target on Kickstarter which showcases the demand for a product like this is high amongst tech enthusiasts wanting the most convenient means of charging their smartphone.

With some 40% off the intended retail price, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen with the BricksPower Wireless Charger then you’ll need to move quickly to make sure you bag a bargain during their Kickstarter campaign. A great little accessory that will make dying batteries a thing of the past.

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