Bridge & Burn Spring 17 Collection

Spring is now almost fully in bloom (though today’s gloomy weather around Coolector HQ would suggest the contrary) so it’s time to turn our attention to the wardrobe fillers that we’ll be opting for over the next few months. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have a few core brands that you’re firm fans of and return to their wares whenever a wardrobe refresh is in order. Bridge & Burn are one such brand and their Spring 17 collection of menswear is most impressive indeed.

Bridge & Burn operate out of the Pacific Northwest in the USA and their cracking collection of apparel always seems to reflect this fact and the Spring 17 Collection from Bridge & Burn is no exception. If you like your apparel understated, exceptionally well crafted from the finest materials and as comfortable as it comes then this is the menswear collection for you.

Style Meets Comfort

The latest collection of apparel from Bridge & Burn as “Search & Enjoy” as a nod to the brand’s love of nature, adventure and exploring and all of the pieces from the collection from shirts to outerwear are tailor made with exploration in mind but with the sort of versatility that also makes them perfect for day to day wear.

A warm weather collection inspired by road trips and adventure, the Bridge & Burn Spring 17 Collection of menswear has definitely turned our head here at Coolector HQ and there are plenty of standout pieces we’ll be looking to add to our own wardrobe. This superb series of menswear from Bridge & Burn has¬†incorporated travel-friendly fabrics and utilitarian designs to deliver the sort of quality that we’ve come to expect from this Portland based purveyor of awesome apparel.

Tailoring is something that the brand is well known for and it shines through in the “Search & Enjoy” collection of clothing for Spring 17. There are eye-catching pieces throughout this new collection but the men’s Norfolk Jacket in particular has suckered us in here at Coolector HQ particularly given our requirement of a lightweight jacket right now.

Built to Last

The quality of the materials used to make the clothing at Bridge & Burn is something that always sets them apart and when you’re crafting wares which are built with road trips and adventures into the wild in mind, this is a must. Robust but stylish and comfortable, all the shirts, trousers and outerwear that form the foundations of this “Search & Enjoy” collection for spring 17 are right up our street here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure we’re not alone in this.

As always, the calibre of the apparel from Bridge & Burn never fails to impress and its no exception with this latest series of clothing from the Portland based brand. If you’re after some cornerstone pieces for your wardrobe this spring, look no further because you’ve found them.

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