Set For Set Steel Mace

Whilst it’s fair to say that not all fitness apparatus is best upon ancient weaponry, some of the best ones invariably are and they don’t get much more daunting looking than the Set for Set Steel Mace which might just give your kettle bell a run for its money in keeping you in shape this year.

Set for Set are a Tuscon based team of fitness experts who aim to deliver unconventional training equipment and functional fitness workouts to those looking to get in shape and one of the most unusual pieces of apparatus to emerge from their stable of wares is unquestionably the Steel Mace, based upon the ancient weapon more commonly associated with knights of the realm.

Unconventional Fitness

A powerful fitness tool, the Steel Mace from Set For Set is not the sort of equipment that you’re likely to encounter in your local gym and will help you devise an intensive workout plan aimed at working specific muscles. The Steel Mace or “Gada” as it is also known was originally used as a brutally effective weapon in warfare by Hindu and Persian warriors in the 13th century and though you’re not likely to see it on a battlefield today, it is a great means of changing up your fitness routine and working on different muscles.

The Set For Set Steel Mace is billed as being the ultimate full body conditioning tool and is capable of giving you a rigorous workout that leaves the muscles in no doubt they’ve just been put through their paces. With almost all the weight encompassed within the head of the mace, the uneven weight distribution means your muscles need to work that bit harder to keep it in balance and the results you’ll see from the Set For Set Steel Mace can be highly impressive indeed.

Impressively crafted, the Steel Mace by Set For Set is forged from hand-sculpted cast iron and boasts a painstakingly made head that has been welded onto the knurled steel grip handle meaning that this piece of apparatus is nigh-on indestructible. A great means of mixing up your workout routine and delivering a full body work out in new and engaging ways.

Tailor Your Workout

Available in two different weights – 15lbs and 20lbs – with the recommendation that you start out with the lighter variety until you master the core exercises for this type of equipment such as 10 to 2, 360 swing, Gravedigger and the less than fun sounding, Barbarian squat.

A really fantastic fitness tool, the beauty of this piece of apparatus is that you can enhance the difficulty of your routine by moving your hands closer together towards the end of the handle or, alternatively, make it easier by using a spread-out grip with one hand closer to the head while the other remains towards the bottom but either way you’re in for one hellish but effective workout.

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