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Heritage goes a long way when it comes to establishing one’s sartorial superiority so it is little wonder that Budd Shirts, who operate out of Piccadilly Arcade in London, are considered one of the best in the business as they boast a reputation unparalleled amongst their peers in the tailoring industry and we here at The Coolector are definitely rather fervent admirers of their fine array of dress shirts and accessories.

Established in 1910, Budd have become an institution on the London fashion circuit, not least because their operations have seen off two World Wars, including a direct hit on their premises during World War II. A finer example of a British stiff upper lip, we have yet to encounter here at The Coolector. The brand was established under the influence of the inimitable Harold Budd, it has gone on to become one of the best recognised and revered purveyors of finely tailored and bespoke dress shirts and accessories.

What really sets Budd Shirts apart, and why we love their offerings so dearly, is the quality of materials used in the creation of their shirts, which are sourced from all over the UK, and the fact that each of their shirts are made by hand right here in the UK – testament to their status as a true British icon and one of which we are rightly proud. Budd still remain in the same store in which their business began over a century ago and they are one of the remaining few tailors to have a cutting room on their premises (on the floor above their shop, to be precise) and they are exactly the sort of traditionalist brand that we here at The Coolector are big advocates of. Check out some of their impeccably tailored shirts in the gallery below:


With their fine tradition of creating bespoke dress shirts for London’s dapper chaps for over a century now, it’s safe to say that Budd are definitely one of the best in the business because, as they say, form is temporary but class is permanent.

Find out more about this excellent and iconic brand over at Budd Shirts.

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