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iphone 5s

Apple are innovators, creators and industry leaders and whenever they release new technology onto the market (even when its mere updates of current incarnations) people invariably sit up and take notice…

….introducing the iPhone 5S.

Billed as the Californian colossus’ most forward thinking phone to date, the iPhone 5S has definitely got a hard act to follow but, in true Apple form, it takes this weight of expectation firmly in its stride with a whole host of impressive features. Before we delve into said features, The Coolector would like to give you a few images of the latest offering to drool over first:


Now that we’ve got the impressive visuals out of the way, we can take a look at what the iPhone 5S has actually got going on under the hood. And, The Coolector is pleased to report, it’s a mightily impressive set of features. This update of the iPhone 5 has a whole host of eye-catching new and improved features that set it quite considerably apart from its predecessor. The ones that are likely to grab the headlines include:

  • All-new 8 megapixel iSight® camera with True Tone flash
  • Touch ID™
  • All-new A7 chip

Of the features listed above, the one that grabs The Coolector’s attention most strikingly is that of the Touch ID™ which is something that the iPhone has been crying out for for some time now and now that its here, it definitely doesn’t look like it will disappoint. It is described as an “innovative and secure” way of locking your phone and should put paid to no good thieves pilfering people’s phones. The iPhone 5S incorporates the fingerprint technology of Touch ID™ to take a high resolution image of your fingerprint which will make sure that your phone remains secure and accessible only by you at all times.

The iPhone 5S will be available in three different colours – gold, silver or space grey – and will retail for between $199-$399 depending on the size of storage that you opt for. I think it is fair to say that for those who are wanting a change of phone and who haven’t already shelled out on the iPhone 5, this will tick plenty (if not all) of the boxes that most consumers will have when it comes to purchasing a new phone.

We here at The Coolector are mightily impressed. Roll on the iPhone 6 though. God only knows what innovations they will concoct by then.

Available via the Apple Store.

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