Budnitz Bicycles

As you’re may be aware, we’re partial to a stylish bicycle here at The Coolector and, as luck would have it, we’re certainly spoilt for choice in this department because there really are some absolute belters on the marketplace. We’ve just stumbled across another brand on our radar and they go by the name of Budnitz Bicycles, which are the work of artist and product designer, Paul Budnitz.

The intention of Paul Budnitz was to create the most beautiful and striking city bikes on the market and, by jove, he might just have done it with his superb array of bicycles. Crafted entirely from titanium and cro-moly steel, these handmade bicycles are quite unlike any others out there and we’re definitely impressed at Coolector HQ. Founded in 2010, Budnitz has been crafting market leading bicycles for three years now and you need look no further than the gallery below to understand why their exceptional bicycles have proven so popular:


Price – $2,500+

Available – BudnitzBicylces.

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