James Kingston POV Parkour

Though there are few activities that I think that we here at The Coolector could possibly be less capable at than that of parkour, we’re definitely blown away by those who can do this free-running, adrenaline soaked pursuit and we’ve seen no better exponent of this activity than that of James Kingston and his excellent Point of View Parkour Videos.

This immensely talented free-running specialist, who heralds from Southampton, has decided to embark on an epic worldwide journey to the world’s major cities to carry out jaw-dropping feats of nimbleness and acrobatic excellence much like the showcasing of his skills in his home town in the video above.

Kingston, who felt restricted by academia, found a particularly visually impressive outlet for his talents in the form of parkour and we here at The Coolector are not the only ones to have been mesmerised by the chap’s capabilities as he’s also showcased them in a variety of films and television shows including Kick-Ass 2, Snow White and the Huntsman and Hummingbird. Check out a few stills of the talented fellow in action below:


You can keep up with Kingston’s latest adventures at www.jameskingston.co.uk.

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