Budnitz Pitch Black Bicycle

If stealthy wares are your thing and you’re currently finding yourself in need of a new bike, a perfect candidate for the job has just emerged in the form of the supremely cool looking Budnitz Pitch Black Bicycle which offers both impressive aesthetic impact but also a great performance worthy of being your next steed.

Budnitz Bicycles are a Vermont based purveyor of titanium crafted bikes and the quality of their machines really does speak for itself and no where is this more true than with their latest offering, the Pitch Black Budnitz Bicycle which is limited to just 10 worldwide so you’ll need to move quickly if you’ve liked what you’ve seen.

Paint it Black

A special edition of their “go anywhere, do anything” bike, the Pitch Black offering is just about as stealthy and cool as they come and boasts eye-catching black matte powder coat along with a matching black component set and, better still, limited edition black gloss badging to complete the understated look and feel of this glorious looking contraption.

Quality features abound throughout with the Budnitz Pitch Black Bicycle and you’ll be blown away by the calibre of its performance which is delivered courtesy of specifications like Wellgo street pedals, a Sturmey Archer 2 Speed Kickback Hub, Budnitz Ultralight Titanium Saddle and Schwalbe Big Apple 29″x 2.0″ tires. All in all, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better put together bike than this superb offering from Budnitz.

Budnitz have established a great reputation within the world of cycling based upon the quality of the bikes that they produce and this fantastic, limited edition offering is definitely going to solidify love for the brand. For those who want a real stand out bike, crafted with the finest attention to detail and using the best materials available, the Pitch Black bike will tick all of the right boxes.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

For a bike that comes in at just under the $2000 mark, you’d expect great quality craftsmanship and attention to the finer points of the design process and it’s fair to say that the Budnitz Pitch Black Bicycle doesn’t disappoint. Visually superior and with an array of first class features to set it apart from the competition, it’s plain to see this steed won’t be hanging around on the shelves for long.

Great to look at and even better to ride, the Budnitz Pitch Black Bicycle is unquestionably one of the coolest ways of getting around on two wheels we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ and for those after an incredibly exclusive means of getting around in 2017, this is surely it.

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