Range Rover Velar

Finding a car that matches both your personal tastes and the demands that you set out before it isn’t something that is always straightforward but for those who want excellence in aesthetics and unparalleled performance, Range Rover is a name that is synonymous with both. The Range Rover Velar is their latest entry into the annuls of their history (the 4th new range following on from the Sport, Evoque and the original Range Rover) and from what we’ve seen, it might just be their best to date.

The Range Rover Velar has been half a century in the making and for those who favour a minimalist vibe from their motor vehicles, there is an awful lot to appreciate here. Outrageously powerful and mighty luxurious, it’s fair to say that the Velar is going to be another defining moment for the much loved motoring brand.

Power Meets Performance

Boasting a revolutionary design that will likely leave your jaw firmly planted on the floor, the Range Rover Velar has eye-catching proportions, supremely stylish door handles that sit flush to the body and a brilliant, integrated rear spoiler which significantly enhances the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

A machine that the technology lover will appreciate, the Range Rover Velar is chock full with great gadgets and tech including a InControl® Touch ProTM Duo infotainment system which expertly combines two 10” high-definition touch screens. This means that you can utilise Touch Pro Duo alongside the optional full-colour HUD and Interactive Driver Display use a whole host of different features simultaneously making for a highly intuitive and engaging ride.

Versatility is the name of the game with the Range Rover Velar and it tackles any terrains that you’ll throw its way with ease. Whether it’s a undulating, rural road or the motorway, it will excel in the performance department courtesy of its exceptional features. Some of the most impressive include All Wheel Drive (AWD) alongside Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) and Torque Vectoring by Braking – all of which combine to deliver an engaging,  comfortable and thrilling driving experience.

Luxury & Style

The spectacular aesthetics of the Range Rover Velar unquestionably make it stand out from the competition but the fact it combines this with amazing levels of performance as well really makes this a must have vehicle for anyone seeking out an extremely luxurious and versatile machine in 2017.

Range Rover have really pushed the boat out with their 4th range of vehicles in the Velar and everywhere you look both internally and externally, there are incredible features that add to the enjoyment of the drive and the performance of the car. For those after the ultimate in all-road vehicles over the next 12 months, this would definitely be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ.

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