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We’re pretty partial to doodling here at Coolector HQ and, resultantly, we use up an awful lot of notebooks during the year so we invariably keep our eyes open for new ones with which to fill with our aimless doodles and we can’t remember seeing many better than these awesome looking Bull & Stash Notebooks which are certainly a good deal more dapper than the norm.

Billed as the last notebook you’ll ever need, these Bull & Stash offerings are definitely overflowing in the style department and offer plenty of scope for our doodle requirements. For anyone who operates in the creative industries out there, a notebook can be considered somewhat of a prerequisite as it is the ideal ally for planting your seeds of creativity and if you’re wanting one that looks the part then you need to be casting your glances in the direction of Bull & Stash.

The Bull & Stash Notebooks are so great because each page is removable and once all the pages have been filled with random scribbles, doodles and million dollar ideas, you can just fill up with blank paper once again and there’s no need to go on the hunt for another notepad.

Crafted from thick oiled leather and using top quality paper, there are no cheap components to these awesome looking notebooks from Bull & Stash and they are pocket sized for easy portability. Check out the video and image below to see why we want one of these cracking notebooks in our workspace at Coolector HQ:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/118073031[/vimeo]






If you get through notebooks at the same rate of knots as we do here at The Coolector then you too will likely be keeping your eye out for new fare to fill with your scribbles and in terms of craftsmanship, versatility and sheer usefulness, it’s going to be difficult to top these superb Bull & Stash Notebooks.

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