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Though we are not capable of riding a motorcycle in any way, shape or form here at Coolector HQ, this doesn’t mean to say that we can’t desperately pine for so a steed when we come across a vehicle as obscenely awesome as the Motoped Cruzer which looks to be the ideal mount for those who tootle around town and want a stylish machine to facilitate this.

The Motoped Cruzer is the work of a Kansas City based team of engineers who are famed for the quality of their creations and the Cruzer is one of their latest and, in our opinion, most awesome offerings. Boasting both pedal and motorised options when you’ve had your fill of exercise, the Motoped Cruzer is great for hitting the open road around where you live and experiencing some adventure – a single gallon of gas is enough to propel you between 100-150 miles on a Cruzer.

With a design based on the early 1900’s board track racers, the Motoped Cruzer has an elongated, brushed steel tank, billet aluminium and brass accents and the rather striking wood fenders, this is one stylish looking way of getting around and we’d definitely love to get our hands on one at The Coolector. Check out a few more shots of the Motoped Cruzer below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]

cruzer Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 07.51.25 Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 07.51.38

For anyone who wants to up their transportation game, the Motoped Cruzer is the ideal candidate for the job and you can customise your version to your own specifications and requirements such as adding saddlebags for beer or a surfboard rack to head to the ocean and we dare say you’ll struggle to find a more stylish looking vehicle out there than the Cruzer.

Price: $2,399+

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