Bunaco Speaker by Nendo

We’ve seen a lot of different speaker designs over the years here at Coolector HQ but, truth be told, none that look quite like these awesome Bunaco Speakers, designed by Japanese studio, Nendo. The Bunaco Speakers are a lesson in minimalist design principles and will really resonate with any homeowner that wants a quality audio performance coupled with out of this world, understated design principles.

The Bunaco Speaker by Tokyo based designers, Nendo, has an interest idea at its core and was developed to make an effective use of the large amounts of beech trees that grow in Aomori prefecture in Japan because, as you can see, there is a striking wooden central feature to these decidedly eye-catching speakers. The Bunaco Speaker uses thin and narrow strips of beech wood to deliver coil-based shapes, objects which are resistant to water with fewer cracks and distortions to help ensure an excellent audio experience.

Striking Design

Needless to say, this isn’t your average speaker from an aesthetic point of view and we love that Nendo have incorporated the use of an abundant wood into the design of the Bunaco Speaker in the shape of beech. These fantastically conceived and crafted speakers capitalise on beech wood materials, which are often found in day to day objects in Japan such as bowls, lighting fixtures and various decorative goods, and use it to dramatic visual effect in the design of these top notch speakers.

The Bunaco Speakers from Nendo boast an omni-directional speaker alongside a vertically standing diaphragm which has been carefully designed in order to really maximise upon the acoustic capabilities and the spatial distribution of the materials used throughout the construction of these speakers. Nendo joined forces with Bunaco, a Japanese homeware brand, to create these speakers due to the laters skills in the world of woodworking and the finished product is a real sight to behold.

In order to really showcase the aesthetic superiority of Bunaco’s woodworking skills, the speaker is supported with a transparent acrylic cylinder so it is always on show. The clear base ensures that it is possible to see the unfinished edge of the beech wood that is left curling from the bottom, and lets users of the speaker to intuitively understand the structure as well as the craftsmanship which has gone into the creation of each one.

Accomplished Acoustics

It’s all well and good speakers looking the part but they also need to deliver where it counts – namely, in the acoustic department and that’s something that you needn’t have any concerns about with this cracking piece of design from Nendo and Bunaco. Geared towards delivering naturally great sound, these speakers are some of the coolest you’ll encounter from a visual point of view but also back it up with their performance.

We’ve featured Japanese design workshop, Nendo, a few times here on the pages of The Coolector and we never cease to be amazed by their innovative, eye-catching designs. You can now add the Bunaco Speakers to that list because you’re not going to come across many audio devices with the same aesthetic impact as these ones.

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