Burch Barrel Portable Suspended Barbecue

If you’re serious about your cookouts and want the ultimate in portable BBQing awesomeness this summer, you’ll want to push the boat out and make an investment in this Burch Barrel Portable Suspended Barbecue. At a price of $895, it’s a sizeable investment but with its portable design, you’ll be able to get your cook on at the beach, the great outdoors or just your own backyard.

The Burch Barrel Portable Suspended Barbecue ($895) is an innovative outdoor barbecue for lasting outdoor cooking and boasts a clever design which really ramps up the grilling potential for those who love to cook al-fresco. It has a versatile design that burns wood, lump charcoal, or briquets so, whatever your fuel of choice, you’ll be able to use it here.

Bold Design + Performance

Maybe it’s the fire, the smoke, or being surrounded by nature but food simply tastes superior when you cook it outside. Standing on three legs, the Burch Barrel Portable Suspended Barbecue boasts an innovative adjustment system that lets you perfectly calibrate your heat so outdoor grub doesn’t just taste amazing, it stands up to the fare from any high-end steakhouse.

A no-nonsense construction using high-grade steel, unfailing welds, and reliable powder coating make this Burch Barrel Portable Suspended Barbecue ($895) the cooking-with-fire ally that will see you through decades of al-fresco cookouts. It has an adjustable coal pan that allows you to move the heat up or down for calibrated cooking and the pistol-grip pulley system lifts the lid by itself or both the lid and grill grate to make fire adjustments.

Lifting the lid and grill allows for Santa Maria-style cooking over flames and the adjustable airflow design allows for efficient and regulated burning. Perfect for campsite cooking as the adjustable legs allow for use on uneven terrain and these tripod legs easily break down into component parts for transport. Want to cook up a storm this summer? This is the prime candidate for the job.

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