Weird Euros Beer Mats

If, like us, you’re mighty excited about the start of the Euros today, you’ll likely be on the hunt for anything that celebrates the commencement of this momentous footballing occasion. Well, that leads us squarely on to these bonkers but brilliant Weird Euros Beer Mats. As we love beer and we love football, these were inevitably always going to be right up our street.

The Weird Euros Beer Mats sees twenty graphic designers reinterpreting some of the most iconic and memorable moments from UEFA European Championship football history on a set of beer mats, with the proceeds going to grassroots football charities. So, you can feel good about grabbing a set of these and toasting England’s inevitable early exit from the competition.

Raise a Glass

These stylistic Weird Euros Beer Mats boast the considerable talents of the likes of established artists and designers such as David ShrigleyChris Simpson and Pentagram’s Astrid Stavro and these big-hitters are joined by rising talents such as Robyn NicolDavid OkuRaj Dhunna and Isobel Mehta. Each artist has created a memorable moment from the Euros and some are definitely more bonkers than others.

The Weird Euros Beer Mats has everything from strange goal celebrations like Gazza’s infamous dentist chair celebration to bizarre occurrences such as Danish striker, Niklas Bendtner, wearing pants with his own name emblazoned upon them. The Euros has seen some crazy moments over the years and these beer mats do a great job of celebrating them.

Another stand out mat is Israel Kujore’s design which pays homage to a goal celebration by Italian centre-forward Mario Balotelli. After successfully dispatching a penalty that would take his team through to the final of Euro 2012, Balotelli took off his shirt and flexed his torso like a bodybuilder and we’re loving this design here at Coolector HQ. If you’re a football and booze fan, these beer mats are an essential Euros addition. And they’re for a good cause so win, win.

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