BUSSORA Italian Pilot Watches

If you’ve got a love of all things aviation, you’ll join us here at Coolector HQ in having a mighty soft spot for pilot style watches and, as a result, we spend an undue amount of time in search of new watchmakers to enjoy and we’ve just come across an absolute cracker in the shape of BUSSORA and their first class line up of Italian Pilot Watches. Bold, uncompromising and effortlessly cool, don’t be surprised if these aviation inspired timepieces become your new favourite for 2019 – especially due to the fact you can get 20% off your order with the code COOLECTOR20.

The beauty of the BUSSORA Italian Pilot Watches lies in both their understated elegance and excellent affordability and if you’re after a new adventure ready accessory for your wrist over the next few months, this is a brand that will be right up your alley. Taking design inspiration from the Golden Age of Air Travel, Bobby Constantinescu and Giovanni Calamita, founders of BUSSORA, created the Retro Pilot: a vintage pilot watch that pays homage to the greatest time in the history of aviation and the exemplary watches they now create aim to let you relive the first flights in the history of mankind in spectacular style.

Steeped in Aviation History

We’ve certainly got a penchant for well made aviation and pilot watches here at Coolector HQ and these from BUSSORA are definitely some of the best in the business. Bussora is a joining together of the Italian words bussola and ora and it refers to the early days of aviation at the beginning of the 20th century. At this early stage of aviation, airplanes were very primitive and the cockpits had practically no gauges or meters to provide the pilot with information about the flight. Therefore they would solely rely on his timepiece (ora) and on his compass (bussola) for navigating, especially above sea – and these majestic looking timepieces are a celebration of the early days of plane travel.

Boasting an eye-catching Italian design and with free worldwide shipping and a 2 year warranty, there is an awful lot to appreciate with the superb looking BUSSORA Italian Pilot Watches – especially when you see that prices start at just €189 for such an impressive and well made timepiece. There are a few different collections of watches to choose from at BUSSORA including our favourite here at The Coolector, the Classico, which is an iconic vintage timepiece that pays tribute to the early days of aviation. It is an adventurous watch that is fit for any occasion, whether you’re wearing a shirt to work or flying a fighter jet over the pacific.

Another great looking range from BUSSORA is their exemplary Nero collection that has a more stealthy aesthetic. The Nero is the blacked out version of the iconic Classico watch and the matte black finish gives the watch a more bold aesthetic that makes it really pop on the wrist. Last but not least, there is soon to launch Vintage range from BUSSORA which is a worn-out version of the Classico, which has been finished in Aged Steel with a grained dial for a more old school look and feel.

Excellent Specifications

Considering the fact you can get a BUSSORA on your wrist for under €200, it’s hard to believe some of the great materials and specifications that these timepieces have. Each timepiece has a Japanese Quartz Miyota movement, Calibre 2035, first rate straps including a soft calf leather four ring ZULU Strap, which has been cut out of one single piece of leather and finished in Marrone Cioccolato. There are other strap styles to choose from including Nero di Carbone (Black) and in Verde Militare (Green). Last but not least, there is a surgical grade 316L stainless steel casing with a matte finish which has a brushed back, laser engraved with the BUSSORA logo.

Wherever you look with these BUSSORA Italian Pilot Watches there is a reason to get one for your wrist in 2019. Great price, fantastic craftsmanship and excellent materials all combine to make these some of the coolest looking aviation inspired watches on the market. If you’re looking to add a touch of aviation awesomeness to your wrist but don’t want to break the bank, BUSSORA would definitely be one of our top picks here at The Coolector.


All images by Bob Beckers.

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