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Pilot watches are a real favourite of ours here at The Coolector and there are a few new watchmakers out there really making waves in this arena right now and if you’re looking for one at the affordable end of the spectrum, it’s difficult to look beyond Bussora and their awesome looking Nero Pilot Watches. This robust and stylish timepieces tick all our design sensibilities and the boast the sort of no-nonsense performance that is a must for the adventure inclined.


Bussora are all about celebrating the golden age of aviation with their timepieces and the quality of the Nero Watch Collection from this first class watchmaker really is second to none. Better still, one of these great looking timepieces can be on your wrist for as little as €189 which, considering the superb design, materials and craftsmanship, represents unbelievable value for money and we’ll certainly be looking to get our hands on one here at The Coolector.

Military Style Aesthetic

There is a distinctive military style aesthetic to the Bussora Nero Pilot Watches and if that’s the sort of understated but uncompromising look you go for with your timepieces, you’ll be in your element here. There are three different styles / colours to choose from so you can pick the perfect one for your own particular design tastes. These Nero Watches from Bussora are a blacked out version of the watchmaker’s iconic Classico offering. The matte black finish gives the watch a much more bold appearance that will immediately catch the eye.

The Bussora Nero Pilot Watches (€189) come in three different iterations and colours – namely, Verde, Nero and Cioccolato – and each has its own unique visual impact on the wrist but the same high end components and craftsmanship. The majestic looking watches from Bussora are going to appeal to those with a love of aviation history. Before the invention of the first aircrafts at the beginning of the 20th century, pocket watches were the way to go. However, after the first flights in the history of mankind, the pioneers of aviation wanted to track the time without the hassle of grabbing a watch out of their inner pocket.

To solve this problem, a number of watch manufacturers began to develop timepieces that could been worn around the wrist, making sure that pilots could keep their hands on the yoke. These first watches were essentially pocket watches equipped with wire lugs on both sides, and strapped to the wrist with a leather strap. Pilots began wearing their watches on a regular basis and because of the fame and respect pilots earned, civilians also started to wear wristwatches instead of pocket watches – this is where these Nero Pilot Watches from Bussora get their design inspiration and they are a knowing nod to the early days of aviation.

Excellent Materials & Components

Bussora really defy the odds with their Nero Collection of watches because you’re getting a mighty impressive timepiece on your wrist for under the €200 price point. Some of the stand out design features of these impeccable watches include a soft calf leather four ring ZULU Strap, cut out of one single piece of leather and a surgical grade 316L stainless steel case with a matte finish. The case has a brushed back, laser engraved with Bussora’s maxim.

The movement of these watches from Bussora are another eye-catching element of their design with a Japanese Quartz Miyota movement, Calibre 2035. The battery has a lifespan of approximately three years so it will be right by your side on any adventures that you’ve got planned. For those with a desire to get their hands on an affordable pilot watch this summer, the Nero collection from Bussora is right up there with the best of them.

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