Calamityware Plates

Whilst plates wouldn’t be the normal sort of fare that we’d write about here at The Coolector, this neglects to take into account those as brazenly awesome as these fantastically conceived Calamityware Plates from Pittsburgh based artist and designer, Don Moyer.

The awesomeness of these plates is evident right from the get-go as Moyer forgoes the traditional sorts of designs typically found on dinnerware and, as the name of his series suggests, prefers to opt for calamitous situations instead – such as robots laying waste to cities and invasions by marauding aliens. Safe to say, we’d much rather be devouring our burgers et al from plates as playfully compiled as this than much less entertaining offerings.

Moyer makes his Calamityware Plates from traditional blue porcelain and incorporates all sorts of wonderfulness such as flying monkeys and the aforementioned aliens that give them a visual appeal that you wouldn’t expect from a piece of dinnerware. Moyer doesn’t have an extensive collection of Calamityware Plates to choose from as of yet (just a couple to be precise) but is currently bankrolling some more through Kickstarter so watch this space, I guess.

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