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It seems as though if we’re not writing about beer here at Coolector HQ we’re writing about coffee of late but that must merely be because there is a sudden influx of awesomeness with summer fast approaching and a phenomenon that we hadn’t really paid too much heed to until recently, that of cold brew coffees, is now leaving us desperate for more.

As luck would have it then, we’ve just discovered a brand by the name of Sandows who are based in our own fair city of London and have some decidedly excellent looking cold brew coffees to imbibe.

Sandows’ are the work of Luke Suddards and Hugh Duffie, who named their iconic looking brand after a famed Victorian strongman by the name of Eugene Sandow and they’ve taken this fellow’s characteristics of attention to detail and dedication to improvement as their key ethos that infuses their great looking range of cold brew coffees.

After a rigorous testing process, Sandows’ have now perfected their brewing process and each of their cracking concoctions is brewed for 16 hours in cold water to reduce its acidity, an undertaking which also ensures that it packs quite the punch as well. You can see why we’ve fallen for Sandows Cold Brew Coffee with a few shots of this brew below:




It is our intention to become considerably more adventurous with our coffee imbibing here at Coolector HQ over the next few months and we were delighted to discover a company as well branded and patently awesome as Sandows right on our doorstep.

As coffee is our principal source of fuel at The Coolector and with spring turning to summer and the days becoming warmer, we’re going to need a colder iteration to serve as refreshment and its safe to say, we’ve seen few better than that of Sandows Cold Brew Coffee out there.

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