Cam Hai House

As you’re probably aware, we’re big fans of contemporary architecture and South East Asia here at The Coolector and this works out well because there aren’t many regions doing it better right now. Vietnam is chief amongst them so far as modern architecture is concerned and a fine example of this fact is the breathtaking Cam Hai House from Idee Architects.

The Cam Hai House from Idee Architects is located in the Dam Thuy Trieu, Cam Ranh region in the South Central part of Vietnam. The property has some 2 hectares of land surrounding it and this includes a shrimp farm in the front and and verdant, green garden that wraps around the property and makes it such a welcoming and relaxing space in which to spend one’s time.

Verdant Vietnam Countryside

Nature and green spaces are the main attraction to the wonderfully contemporary Cam Hai House from Idee Architects. It has a slightly elevated position atop a rocky hill that affords the home great views out across the lovely landscapes that stretch out before it. It is surrounded by mango trees which are best suited to the weather conditions of the area and add an attractive aesthetic impact to the exterior of the home.

The Cam Hai House from Idee Architects is one of many amazing properties in Vietnam that we’ve featured here on the pages of The Coolector. The architects and the owners of the property worked closely together to ensure that it worked for them and there was a real emphasis on water retention in the design as it often only rains two months during the year in the region so water recycling and irrigation were pressing concerns during the design process.

Connecting the property to nature and making the most of the lush, green surroundings were a chief concern of the architects and, as you can tell, they’ve certainly hit the nail on the head from an aesthetic perspective and the Cam Hai House fits effortlessly into its breathtaking surroundings. The building, which is essentially two blocks stacked one on another, has the long block positioned on the highest plane of land. The stone pathway leads from the gate to the property and delivers amazing views of the landscapes beyond.

Understated Elegance

On the inside of the Cam Hai House, there is a real sense of minimalism and Asian style to the interior design aesthetic which really appeals to our sensibilities here at The Coolector. The large glass frontage of the home bathes it in natural light during the daylight hours and delivers some spectacular views out into the Vietnamese countryside that surrounds this impeccable piece of contemporary architecture.

We’re seeing more and more exceptional designs in Vietnam and surrounding countries of late and you can certainly add the Cam Hai House from Idee Architects to that list. A stunning piece of design which fits in effortlessly with its surroundings and appropriate to the region in which it is located.

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