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With winter now firmly upon us, particularly in the Mid-West of America, few people will be thinking of camping too seriously at present (except the particularly outdoors enamoured) but it always pays to plan ahead and when it comes to camping, there is one item that should be making it into your luggage before all else and that, sir, is a spiffing coffee kit and, to be honest, they almost certainly don’t come much better than this Camp Coffee Kit from Bush Smarts.

Bush Smarts are a Manhattan based purveyor of outdoor goods and they patently know a good coffee kit when they see one because their spiffing Camp Coffee Kit looks to be amongst the best in the business and chock full of all manner of usefulness that will ensure your cup of coffee packs a suitable punch whilst out in the wilds. The first class Camp Coffee Kit has all the necessary components for keeping you caffeinated on a camping trip such as a bag of fresh, ground Guatemalan coffee, a minimal mesh filter and an extremely versatile bottle and pair of cups which will serve plenty of purposes on top of delivering your camping caffeine hit. Take a look at some more images of the great looking Camp Coffee Kit from Bush Smarts below:

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We’re definitely fans of spending time in the great outdoors here at Coolector HQ but we certainly contemplate doing so without a healthy supply of coffee in tow and that’s why Bush Smart’s fantastic Camp Coffee Kit has garnered our undivided attention. Boasting some top class coffee wares and reusable elements which add to the appeal still further, this is unquestionably one of the best kits we’ve come across in some time and we’d hope to have one safely stowed away the next time we head out into the wilderness.

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