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There probably won’t be a man alive over the age of thirty who won’t fondly recall the iconic childhood toy of the YoYo and the hours spent trying to master the myriad of tricks that were (technically) feasible such as Round The World and Walk The Dog. Safe to say, however, we’ve not really thought about YoYos for many a year now but that is something that has just changed now that we’ve just come across the fantastically designed Tait Design Co. YoYo which brings the childhood classic back to life.

Tait Design Co. is a Detroit based design company headed by Matthew Tait which consistently produces various cracking bits and pieces (his spiffing model aeroplanes have previously featured on the pages of The Coolector) and the Tait YoYo is his latest offering that has captured our imagination. Entitling his YoYo the Sling-Slang, we’re sure that plenty of people will want to relive their youth with such a well crafted piece of kit and it really shines through just how much thought and effort goes into all the creations that emerge from the Tait Design Co. stable.

The Sling-Slang YoYo is crafted from hard maple and is aimed at the beginner to intermediate level of YoYo aficionado and boasts a removable, grooved steel axle which comes as a kit with two strikingly vibrant cotton-poly strings in a recycled cardboard velcro-lock case. All of the screen-printing is done by hand and everything including the packaging is assembled right here in Detroit, Michigan. You’ll also be pleased to hear that the Tait Design Co. YoYo is available in three different colours – Classic Black, Viridian, and Fandango – to match your own particular design persuasion. Check out a few more shots of the Sling-Slang and a rather awesome video below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/mrCItu3HGXs[/youtube]






Whilst a YoYo might not be the the sort of toy that today’s youth typically play with given the prevalence of videogames and other forms of distraction, we very much enjoy how it harks back to the golden age of toys and the quality of the craftsmanship is beyond compare. Tait Design Co. are already on our radar at Coolector HQ and we can’t wait to see what they follow their Sling-Slang YoYo with next year.

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