Canoeist Beard Oil

Are you a regular in a canoe? Boast a marvellous bushy beard? Then you, sir, are going to want to down paddles and take notice because there is a mightily impressive new product to feast your eyes on from the Sanborn Canoe Company that goes by the name of Canoeist Oil and which has been made in conjunction with the chaps over at The 2 Bits Man Co.

Canoeist Beard Oil from the Sanborn Canoe Company is a new offering from this old favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ and it is the perfect choice for those river-faring folk who want to keep their beards in tip-top condition. The superbly branded beard oil will have a rejuvenating effect on even the most unkempt of canoeing beards and deals with all manner of issues such as split-ends and helping to invigorate beard growth. Not to mention the fact it has the most manly of aromas which is essential for any beard.

The Canoeist Beard Oil is made from essential oils, vetviver and birch to evoke a sense of the wilderness and the great outdoors so will be the perfect facial ally for any outdoorsman out there. We’re big fans of the wares from the Sanborn Canoe Company and though we lack the ability to grow the type of beard in requirement of such oil, it doesn’t mean to say we can’t appreciate its obvious awesomeness. Take a look at a few more shots below:

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It obviously takes a rugged, wilderness loving chap to fully appreciate a beard oil but if, like us, you’re lacking the necessary beard growing capabilities then you can merely revel in the great looking product and pat the Sanborn Canoe Company on the back for another excellent addition to their ever-growing roster of awesomeness.

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