Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

When watching sci-fi movies, the aesthetics of cars always look different to what we see on the roads on a daily basis but fact may be starting to catch up with fiction if this rather superb looking Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is anything to go by. This boxy but brilliant ride is designed from the inside out and is driven by simplicity in performance and aesthetics.

Boasting the interior space of an SUV with the small footprint of a compact vehicle, the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle has a Tardis-esque design that is impressive to say the least. With cutting edge safety features and an unparalleled level of connectivy, the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is the ultimate 21st century steed and we’d love to get our hands on one of these futuristic looking rides here at Coolector HQ.

Back to the Future

Simultaneously looking like something from the future but also very current, it’s hard not to be left somewhat agog with the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle. Driven by technology, Canoo electric vehicles are powered by innovation that puts you in charge and you’ll definitely want to get one of these in your garage when you see the luxurious / high-tech interiors in action.

Quite unlike anything else on the road today, the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle has a symmetrical form that really makes the most of the interior space while significantly reducing the vehicle’s exterior footprint. The headlights and taillights are an extension of the Canoo brand identity and purpose built to be simple and timeless.

It’s with the interiors that the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle truly comes into its own and the level of comfort on offer is beyond compare. You can relax, stretch your legs out and make yourself completely at home in the back of a Canoo and the interiors are designed to feel more like contemporary furniture than traditional car seats, with space for seven occupants. It has a concealed interior panel inspired by smart speaker design. This unique information panel is concealed by fabric and displays traditional data (range, speed etc) as well as navigation and other media.

Material Matters

With the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle all interior materials are loft-inspired, modern, unexpected and, above all, tasteful. Each interior essentially comes as a blank canvas with a pegboard style design. Outfit your Canoo pegboard with personalised accessories and truly make the interior your own and an extension of your home.

The steering console is a striking design feature of the Canoo and with no no mechanical linkage, the true steer-by-wire technology provides the Canoo a steering experience quite unlike any other car on the market. Every element of the car is designed to be honest and authentic, which is why the airbags are visible. Looking to step into the future with your next car purchase? Look no further than the Canoo.

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