Canvas HiFi Audiostand

If you’ve got a high end LG television with an amazing picture but the sound is really letting you down, you may well want to sit up and take notice of the Canvas HiFi Audiostand which is billed as a world first for OLED TVs. It matches the audio quality with the picture quality of OLED TV’s and not only is it a new product, it’s an entirely new A/V product category which Canvas call Audiostand.

The Canvas HiFi Audiostand is the only one-box solution on the market that delivers real 3D audio. This makes it ideal for music fans, as it offers true HiFi with a stereo image of 10-12 feet from a product that’s 3.5 feet wide. Canvas have made a speaker that is connected to the TV physically, fusing them into one seamless unit that looks incredible and sounds even better. The combination of Canvas High End speaker and BACCH 3D filter, results in the world’s first single box solution offering real HiFi stereo imaging that can satisfy audio enthusiasts as a replacement for an expensive stand alone HiFi system.

Better Than a Soundbar

A lot of people will have a soundbar to augment the performance of the audio on their television but this Canvas HiFi Audiostand delivers a superior performance to conventional soundbars. The unique shape of the enclosure conceals the fact that a very large and powerful speaker system is hidden within. It uses two High End SB Acoustics long excursion 6” drivers, and two ring radiator drivers with non-resonant rear chambers as tweeters, ensuring perfect audio fidelity for all your viewing and audio requirements.

The Canvas HiFi Audiostand is one of the most connected pieces of tech you’re likely to encounter and will work with all the most common means such as AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Bluetooth, Toslink, or HDMI (ARC). In addition to that, by listening for one minute via an iOS app, Canvas can optimise its sound output to your listening room to make sure it works at an optimal level for your space. Boasting interchangeable colour panels, you can pick the HiFi Audiostand that best fits in with your own interior design aesthetic and the sleek, sharp visuals of this bit of kit will effortlessly fit in with any contemporary interior design endeavour.

With highly impressive specifications throughout, it’s easy to see why the Canvas HiFi Audiostand is already turning heads amongst audiophiles. Some of the stand out features include the rock solid 30 litres bass re ex, MDF with BridgeBrace™ technology enclosure, interchangeable magnetic covers in multiple colours, powerful AD 300 MIPS quad-core with BACCH™ 3D filter and a cloth pouch on the back for hiding power strip, power & HDMI cables.

Affordable Price

Despite the technological superiority of the Canvas HiFi Audiostand, it’s not going to break the bank with the 55″ model costing $999 and the 65″ version $1099 so you can add first class sound quality to your LG television for a wallet pleasing price. The calibre of the sound produced coupled with the visual appeal of this product really does set it apart from the competition in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

This majestic looking, minimalist piece of tech will really elevate the performance of your LG OLED television and enhance the aesthetic of the room whilst doing it. Chock full of high calibre tech, it’s hard to believe you can get your hands on the Canvas HiFi Audiostand for under $1k but if you add your name to the waitlist now, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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