Captain Fawcett Shaving Set

Though we couldn’t be much further removed from the refined, Captain sort here at Coolector HQ (we are, in fact, currently sporting abominable facial hair) we certainly like the idea of being a dapper chap about town a la Bertie Wooster and for this dream to become a reality we, of course, require certain tools. One such tool that we are putting in the “essential” column is one of these superb looking Captain Fawcett Shaving Sets because it will ramp up our level of refinement no end.

Captain Fawcett is Norfolk based purveyor of gentlemanly goods such as shaving foams, moustache waxes and razors and we’ve been left mightily impressed by the superb look of their impeccable wares. We’re terrible shavers here at Coolector HQ both in terms of regularity and technique but we think that if we had goods as undeniably awesome as those within the Captain Fawcett Shaving Set at our disposal that our bead vanquishing skills would increase exponentially.

You’ll get plenty to enjoy within one of the Captain’s shaving sets such as a Best Badger Shaving Brush, hand-crafted safety razor and a luxurious shaving foam which comes in a hand-crafted wooden bowl and which looks spiffing to say the least. If you’re the sort who shaves with great regularity and for whom a top notch shaving kit isn’t an unnecessary extravagance, we here at The Coolector have no qualms about recommending the brilliant looking shaving sets from Captain Fawcett.


It’s not just their shaving sets that are to be enjoyed from Captain Fawcett, they also offer another great range of gift sets which have left us envious of those with more substantial facial hair growing capabilities than us such as the great looking beard oil and moustache wax set below:


We’re big fans of vintage looking wares such as Captain Fawcett’s men’s grooming products and we’ll definitely be taking the hair growth pills over the next few months so that we can make full use of their excellent array of wares.

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