Carhartt WIP x Pelago x Mission Workshop Jacket

Two heads are, they say, better than one so just imagine how good three heads are – particularly when the three heads in question are Carhartt, Pelago and Mission Workshop and the object of their affection is a first rate coat collaboration that offers both style and functionality in abundance.

The Carhartt WIP x Pelago x Mission Workshop Jacket is, as the name suggests, a co-mingling of design and craftsmanship ideas from three superb brands well known for the impeccable quality of their wares. Building upon a classic work coat to deliver a supremely versatile piece of clothing that looks great day in day out, it’s easy to see why this fantastic three-way collaboration has been positively flying off the shelves.

Three Isn’t A Crowd

Purpose built for riding your bike, the Carhartt WIP x Pelago x Mission Workshop Jacket is expertly crafted to provide the range of movement needed for this sort of usage and also designed so well that it never compromises on style in order to deliver on performance. This materials used in the crafting for this first rate jacket are built for total abrasion and wear, which means this superb collaborative effort will continue to work on and off the bike even after years of use and hundred or thousands of miles of riding.

As mentioned, those in the cycling fraternity are the key demographic for the Carharrt WIP x Pelago x Mission Workshop Jacket and the features that it boasts are a reflection of this fact. Offering cycling specific tailoring along with reflective hits and weather resistant materials means that this jacket really is an essential purchase for those with a love of both cycling and style.

This limited edition piece of apparel from three cracking brands has definitely captured our attention here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure that any man in the market for a new, stylish piece of cycling apparel which is perfect for your day to day commute will find themselves equally as enamoured with both the style and quality of the craftsmanship with this exceptional jacket.

Delivering Comfort

Whilst it is, of course, important that a jacket that is crafted with cycling in mind delivers in the durability and robustness stakes, it is equally as important to make sure the style isn’t jeopardised and we’ve seen few better examples of this balancing act done right than the super cool Carhartt WIP x Pelago x Mission Workshop Jacket.

Only available in navy and crafted for the long haul, this top class jacket is definitely right up our street here at Coolector HQ and for any man actively searching for their next piece of versatile cycling apparel then this surely ticks all of the right boxes and more.

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