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Here at Coolector HQ, we’re firm believers in dressing our technology as dapperly as possible and we’re often on the look out for the best looking accessories in which to attire our iPhones and what have you. Well, we’ve found a rather spiffing candidate to be sprawled across the back of our smartphones in the form of the wares of Manchester based woodworkers, Carvd.

The objective of these skilled craftsman is to provide a mixture of beautiful natural woods in conjunction with the preciseness of lasers to produce some devilishly stylish covers for your smartphones and, I think you’ll join The Coolector in agreeing, they’ve done a rather admirable job of it. Sustainability is of paramount importance to the chaps at Carvd and all of their cases are made from 100% FSC certified veneers which, in terms The Coolector actually understands, means that they have been harvested from woodland that matches the ecological, economic and social needs of present and future generations. So, kudos on that front, chaps.


Carvd offer a fine selection of wares to those who want to give their smartphone the refined look that they’re after and I personally favour their Lion offering (pictured above) purely given my own feline imbued name. Only established as recently as 2012, Carvd have wasted no time in getting their name out there and their excellent looking covers have proved mightily popular. Check out a few more of our favourites of theirs below:



Price: £15+


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