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Watches are a passion of ours here at The Coolector and we particularly favour a good old throwback timepiece that harks back to a simpler time of watchmaking whereby quality spoke for itself and there wasn’t a reliance on clever marketing ploys. Well, we’ve found a wonderful new watchmaker that falls into this bracket and they go by the name of W.T Author watches and, as you can patently see from the watch above, they’re all sorts of awesome.

There is a mightily interesting backstory to be gleamed from W.T Author watches and it is that they planned to release thirteen watches to be released over the next thirteen years and the devilishly stylish No.1905 incarnation pictured above is their first offering and, if this is a sign of things to come, then timepiece aficionados are definitely in for a treat over the next decade and more. Their spiffing Swiss-movement watches are hand-finished in the UK and their exceptional looking watches have been designed and crafted in conjunction with a number of creative collaborators and the end product are eye-catching to say the least. To be honest, though, the video below does a superior job of showcasing their impressive wares:

[youtube width=”700″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/Z0vFaP9iKHA[/youtube]

We’ve definitely fallen for the retro appeal of W.T Author watches and when you feast your eyes on the product shots below, we’re pretty confident you’ll join The Coolector in being wowed by their top notch timepieces:

wt author rear

wt author

wt side


Price: £350

Available for Pre-Order: WTAuthor.com.

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